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Bowdangles Horse Show Bows


Horse Show Bows

Horse Show Bows - Hot Chocolate to Go


Equestrian hair bows, girl riders, leadline, short stirrup, pony hunter, English horse shows. Beautiful pink and brown, stripes, dots.  The contrast between dots & stripes and brown & white give this bow energy.  The bright shocking pink along with a lighter hot pink give it flare.  Gorgeous with the young rider is on a bay or chestnut pony. You'll be happy and fully satisfied with this Hot Chocolate To Go!

Bows sold in matching pairs.  There are two bows in one set.  You will need one set of bows for two braids.  French barrettes secure the bows to each braid.

Bows Name:  Hot Chocolate To Go
Approximately 4 3/4" wide

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