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Horse Show Bows

Pony Hair Bow with alligator clips - A SINGLE BOW


 Pink hair accessory for pony girls. Perfect Grandma gift for horse-crazy girl. Cute bow.

This bow is sold as single bow with an alligator clip. It is not a horse show bow.

ONE BOW IS READY2MAIL WITH CLIPS and will be mailed soon after your order is received. No changes permitted on a R2M bow. If you prefer a bow with elastic loops, you may order this one and leave instructions for your preference but your bow will need to be made first so I will not be able to mail it as quickly as this Ready2Mail bow. R2M bows are mailed sooner than other bows.

Your choice: Alligator clip or elastic loop to secure the bow to the hair. If I do not receive instructions for elastic loop, a bow with alligator clip will be sent.


Approximate width 4 1/2" 

Approximate length of tails 3"


Approximate length 5 1/2"

Name of bow: Pink Pony Bow SINGLE w alligator clip

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