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Book - Grandma's House

$15.00 $16.00

"I like summer best," says Kim, "because that is when we go to Grandma's house."

A tender story depicting the love between grandchild and grandmother that is enjoyed by children and their parents alike.  When Moms read this book aloud to their child, they often find themselves sharing their own childhood experiences with their grandmother which gives the child an opportunity to learn and appreciate family s/he may have known little about.  

The grandmother in this book is a strong independent woman who understands the emotional needs of her granddaughter.  I know it's "just a book" but she inspires me and I hope you feel the same.  

Teachers across the United States have used this book as a tool in the classroom.  After reading the book outloud to the class, they ask their students, "Is there something special you do with your grandparents?  Can you write a story (or draw a picture) of that?"  The stories and pictures I have seen which were written (or drawn) after kids read my book, have melted my heart. 

Those of you who have kids learning at home, you can do that, too!  It's the perfect project!  Just imagine how happy you'll feel when you send Grandma and Grandpa your child's stories and artwork.  And you can do this again and again!

This book received many international awards including, Children's Choice Award, Top Ten Awards from International Reading Association, and several publications and school districts.  It has been published in different languages and is a world-wide favorite of readers of all ages. 

Hardcover with beautiful evocative water-color illustrations by Elise Primavera.

Published in 1985

New and in Excellent Condition.  Limited supply.

Many are First Editions which I will send as long as they are available.  

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