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Horse Show Bows

Book - Grandma's Garden

$15.00 $16.00

Grandma's garden is always changing. In the summer it's filled with green leaves and vines. In autumn it's bursting with bright orange pumpkins. In winter it's covered with a blanket of snow. But in spring, it isn't a garden at all -- just a big bare patch of brown dirt.  Then Kim and Grandma get to begin the miracle all over again -- not just once but twice!  Together they fly kites, cuddle through a thunderstorm, and sow the seeds not only of the garden but of the memories so special to a grandparent and child. 

If you and your young readers are planting seeds, this might be the perfect book for you.


Published in 1994.

New and in Excellent Condition. Very limited availability.

My husband and I are both healthy.  We have been "isolated" in our rural home since March 15. We have no employees or anyone helping us with our bows and books.  All supplies relating to bows, books, and shipping materials were purchased prior to November 2019.  As best as I can determine, everything we send to you is clean.  Recently, I have become very much a germ-o-phobic. I would feel very comfortable purchasing from me!

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