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Horse Show Bows

Book - God's Day, Today and Every Day (Paperback)

$4.50 $7.00

From morning till night, whether inside or out, this little girl sees God's love today and every day.

Beautiful, quiet, restful and reassuring.

This was my first published children's book.  As a child, I had always wanted to write using a pen-name so I did.  I chose Sally as my first name because my across-the-street neighbor was Sally and she never lost her temper with her rambunctuous kids.  I used Frye because I always wanted a pair of Frye boots which I couldn't afford.  Sally  Frye worked out just fine until at a book-signing someone called out, "God bless you, Sally Frye," and I didn't have a clue how that person was talking to!

Paperback and published by Concordia Publishing House.

Patricia McKissack, a world-renown author, was my editor.  God bless you, Pat McKissack!

published 1980

New and in excellent condition.  Limited availability.

My husband and I are both healthy.  We have been "isolated" in our rural home since March 15. We have no employees or anyone helping us with our bows and books.  All supplies relating to bows, books, and shipping materials were purchased prior to November 2019.  As best as I can determine, everything we send to you is clean.  Recently, I have become very much a germ-o-phobic. I would feel very comfortable purchasing from me!

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