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Horse Show Bows

Green Horse Show Bows - Bright Stripes - IN GREEN


Horse Show Bows, leadline hair bows, short stirrup bows, English Horse Shows. Beautiful green bows with green sparkle gem, bright blue stripes with pink. Gorgeous with hunter green or blue show coat. 

You work hard to get your young ready to show. You take her to lessons, shop for her clothes and equipment, support her as she pursues her passion for ponies, In these crowded competitive classes, she needs to stand out in the crowd. These bows say everything good about your young rider. They are classy, neat, and the bold (yet fun) stripes convey confidence. These bows are made with designer ribbon. They are as unique and special as your daughter (granddaughter). Nuff said. Have a great time at your shows!

These bows are authentic Bowdangles Horse Show Bows designed and created by Elaine Moore.

 Can you tell I love these bows???!!!

 This bow can be made with a center knot. If you want a center knot, you need to leave instructions with your order.

 This bow can also be made smaller as a 4x4 -- approximately 4" wide with 4" tails If you want these bows made smaller, you must send instructions with your order.

 Bows sold in matching pairs. Two bows in a set. You will need 1 set of bows for two braids. Your choice: either elastic loops or French barrettes clip the bows to the braids. Please tell me which you prefer when you place your order. Thank you!

Have fun at your shows!!!

Name of Bow: Bright Stripes - in Green

Approximately 4 3/4" wide

Tails approximately 5 1/4" long

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