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Sigh.  I've put blogging off for a good long time.  Why?  I don't know.  In my previous life, before grandchildren, ponies, and equestrian bows, I was a children's book author with 27 books published by major houses in New York so writing shouldn't be that difficult -- no harder than taking a girl to a horse show, watching her ride around the ring on her pony, praying for her safety and happy smile.

How did it start?  I won't go back to my Grandma braiding my hair in a way that didn't pull or hurt, the sprinkle of water on the back of my neck, or her tying the bows in the tip of my braids.  I'll only tell you that I began because when we took our granddaughter and pony to horse shows, I couldn't find bows good enough and if you know anything about Grandma's, you know they only want the best for their grandkids.  So I began making show bows.  But why?  What is it about bows, girls, and horse shows?

Here's what I learned -- 


At horse shows, equestrian bows play a crucial role beyond being a hair accessory. They serve as a way for young girls to express their individuality while adding a pop of color to their riding attire. At a competitive show, attention to detail matters, and a well-chosen bow can help a rider stand out in the ring. I mean, after all that effort -- driving to the lessons, the shopping at Dover, scheduling, finding a dog sitter, bathing the pony, shampooing HER hair, trailering the pony, packing water and snacks, polishing boots and tack (did I mention writing the check?) -- why wouldn't you want your young rider to stand out in the ring?  Plus, eye-catching hair bows can boost a rider's confidence as she enters the ring -- at the same time giving the judge a subtle reminder of her uniqueness and personal style.

Let's face it -- that judge will see a ton of cute riders, most in navy jackets and a black Charles Owen on a relatively well-behaved pony. Unless it's a "name rider" or a "known pony" or "big name trainer" those cute but good riders are lottery tickets left in the barrel.  There is no instant replay.  Only a human being, dedicated but perhaps already hot and tired observing class after class after class of children and ponies.  Get the picture?  You want your rider to stand out and be seen and recognized as a individual deserving of attention. 

No, bows don't win the class but I tell. you what -- they do add visual appeal while motivating a young equestrian to ride her best with confidence and style. That's what I observed as I began making bows for Margo and then her friends and then selling at our local Dover Saddlery.  I saw an excellent rider overlooked in favor of the rider (my granddaughter) wearing orange bows in July.

The final proof to my efforts occurred at Margo's Pony Finals where her welsh pony swapped leads and spooked in the Over Fences class and still they were 12th over fences in a field of well over a hundred.  The bows she wore were especially designed to fly over fences. The photo taken as they flew over the last fence with the dark green trees as a backdrop, was magnificent.  Her bows made the jump appear higher and flawless.  This was not a mistake.  It was the last thing the  judges saw.  


So, no, bows don't win the class but they are more than ornaments and they do make a difference.  

Now, years later, Margo has graduated from college and I'm still making bows -- thousands of bows -- all with the same love and care as tho making them for her. Instead of going to shows, my husband and I get goosebumps over the photos, videos and letters our best-in-the-world Show Moms send us. 

Bowdangles Horse Show Bows - Made with Love and Sprinkled with Magic

Next blog?  Show nerves or placement of bows. . . .  

Enough of this blogging.  Back to making equestrian bows.

Beginnings . . . 

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November 13, 2023


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February 14, 2022

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Our First Blog Entry

January 15, 2022

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