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Bowdangles Horse Show Bows


Hair Bows at Horse Shows

Hair bows are fun at horse shows, parties & parades, school & around town. Pretty hair bows make girls smile. These young equestrians wear Bowdangles Horse Show Hair Bows at horse shows.  They are Bowdangles Girls!  They set goals for their pony and themselves.  Often they win ribbons.  It takes hard work and practice to be a good ride. In leadline, short stirrup, pony hunters or pony finals, the right hair bows help at horse shows!  They boost a young rider's confidence and they catch the judge's eye.  You can send pictures of your young rider in her Bowdangles Horse Show Hair Bows to me at [email protected].  And you can shop now for more bows -- many of which are on sale -- by clicking Horse Show Bows or Ready2Mail