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Leadline Bows for Young Riders

A young girl wearing Bowdangles Horse Show Bows, sits patiently on her pony at the Devon Horse Show Leadline Class while her Show Mom and Grandmother offer support and love.  What she'll remember: so much love and the bright blue lollipop afterward!!!

Leadline bows for young riders, so important in leadline classes at horse shows, should be colorful and fun for young equestrians. The leadline class is the beginning of your young rider's life with ponies and horses. Hopefully, you as Pony Show Mom, will have as much fun as those watching.


Best to select a bows that your pony kid and pony are comfortable with and will enjoy wearing and there are many in the ALL Horse Show Bows category from which to choose.  Keep in mind, almost all bows can be made in both the standard size with 5 1/4" tails AND the slightly smaller Shorty 4x4" style with 4" tails.  If you do not see that option in the bows you've selected, please contact me and together, we'll make that happen.  Most moms take pictures of the bows they want with their phone to send to me and we save time that way.

Since there is often a sea of little girls on adorable ponies in Leadline classes, you'll want a leadline bow that "pops" so the judge will notice -- and remember -- your rider. But the best thing you can do for your little girl is help her HAVE FUN!  As long as she sees you smiling and you give her a hug when she's finished, she'll be happy.  

A young equestrian can never have too many bows! 

Bowdangles Horse Show Bows are durable. Most last through several seasons and many worn in Leadline are worn through Short Stirrup and into Pony Hunter Classes.  Need bows FAST? Use Ready2Mail 

It's a Leadline Class and her first show for this four-year old Bowdangles Girl wearing Halloween Bowdangles Horse Show Bows in her favorite color - purple. The mom is smiles as she fastens the helmet. These are Magic Moments at a Horse Show.
Bowdangles Horse Show Bows pony bows are a favorite for many pony girls and plaid bows are a favorite of most girls who are not the girly-girl type.  It's important to let the girls wear bows they like since the bows reflect their personality in the competitive show ring.
At a horse show, a young girl wearing glittery turquoise Bowdangles Horse Show Bows and her cute pony, named Elvis, relax between classes.  From the adoring smile on the girls face it's abundantly clear she loves Elvis and he loves her as well.  This is the magic between girl and pony that can't be expressed in words but only felt.  It's that strong and special.
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