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Beautiful blue equestrian bows with a galaxy of gold stars and crescent moons that help your young rider stand out in her competitive class at her English horse shows.   


If you ever looked out at night at the moon and stars and told your daughter or grandaughter how much you loved her,  then she will be carrying that love with her into the ring when she wears these bows. 


Having the Love You" charm sewn into the bow, at a slight additional cost, is an option.  


Ribbon in limited supply.  Suggestion: order now while it's available.


Bows sold in sets of two. You will need one set for two braids.


Your choice: elastic loops or pop clips; sparkle gem or gold center knot; standard size or slightly smaller Shorty 4x4. Love You charm (Please read inscription) can also be sewn into your bow.


Designed and created Elaine Moore.  


Name of Bow:  Moon and Stars in Shades of Blue

Best Horse Show Bows - Moon and Stars in Shades of Blue

PriceFrom $41.00
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