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Equestrian hair bows, girl riders, leadline, short stirrup, pony hunters, English horse shows.


Classic navy blue white stripes over a white grossgrain ribbon to add impact. Light blue satin liner under closely matches the light blue grossgrain bow on top. A navy blue liner under the top ribbon coordinates with the stripe and adds pop!  


The center knot has silver dots which sets the bows apart, adds to the uniqueness of an Elaine Moore design.


Beautiful gift. Eye-catching and sure to be noticed even in a crowded class.  Especially suited for EQ classes


 Two bows in a set. You will need 1 set of bows for 2 braids.


Your choice: either elastic loops or pop clips to attach bows to braids.


This bow can also be made in the slightly smaller Shorty 4x4 style (approx 4" wide with tails approx 4" long)


Name of Bow:  Megan's Mystic Blue Stripes w Silver Dot Knot

Classic Navy Blue Show Bows - Megan's Mystic Blue Stripes

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