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Get your daughter ready for her special horse show with these sparkling equestrian bows! An equestrian gift -- special bows for a special rider -- glittery and sparkly in shades of royal blue, green, purple-pink, and bright gold plus royal blue glitter, stunning with any color jacket.These bows don't just look pretty in the pony hunter flat class --or as leadline bows or short stirrup bows -- when they stand out from all the rest -- they also soar over jumps, always staying put, always making your daughter look like a pro -- and you, too. Isn't it nice to have the other moms (and trainers) at the show think you know what you're doing! And you do, when you buy bows suited for any color jacket that looks good today, tomorrow, and, most likely, for many years to come. Bows sold two bows in a set. You will need 1 set of bows for 2 braids. Your choice:  either elastic loops or bows with pop clips attach the bows to each braid. These bows can also be made smaller as Shorty 4x4 bows -- approximately 4" wide with tails approximately 4" long.  You only need to tell me when you place your order. Approximately 4 3/4" wideName of Bow: Faith's Forever LoveIs this the first time you've purchased Bowdangles Horse Show Bows?

Equestrian Bows - Faith's Forever Love - Lilly Inspired

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