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Horse show bows, lead line bows, short stirrup bows, hunter pony bows for girls at English Horse Shows. Eye-catching bows in light purple with bright silver design.


A special gift charm can be sewn into the bow (slight additional charge)  How super to carry all that love into the show ring.


Bows sold in matching pairs. Two matching bows sold as a set. You will need one set of bows for two braids. Your choice: either elastic loops or pop clips, standard size (tails 5 1/4" ) or the slightly smaller Shorty 4x4 (tails 4")


The silver "I love you" charm (please read inscription)   can be sewn onto the bow.  A silver knot can be used instead of the gem


Name of bow: Moon and Stars in Light Purple


Equestrian Bow- Moon and Stars in Light Purple

PriceFrom $40.00
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