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Gold sparkle glitter atop luxurious blue taffeta in the bottom layer twinkles in the sunlight while the gold metallic underneath and the sheer satin strip on top adds elegance to these eye-catching horse show bows. The soft yellow-gold sparkle gem makes these equestrian bows gorgeous with a black shadbelly with yellow points (for pony finals or classics) while still stunning with a navy blue jacket.These blue and gold bows are perfect leadline bows, short stirrup bows, or bows for a competitive rider in pony hunter classes -- durable enough to be worn as your daughter or granddaughter progresses through all the levels while helping her to look her very best.Bows are sold in matching pairs. There are two bows in a set. You will need one set for two braids. Your choice: either elastic loops or pop clips (French barrettes). These bows can also be made smaller as Shorty 4x4 bows -- approximately 4" wide with tails approximately 4" long. You only need to tell me when you place your order.These are authentic Bowdangles Horse Show Bows designed and created by Elaine MooreNOTE: One of the ribbons is in short supply. Best to order soon.If you prefer a deep blue sparkle gem instead of the yellow, no problem. You will need to leave a message with your order.Bow's Name: Kentucky Bound ElleApproximate width: 4 3/4:Tails approximately 5 1/4" long   Is this the first time you've purchased Bowdangles Horse Show Bows?

Equestrian Bows - Kentucky Bound Elle

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