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Pink horse show bows, girl rider, short stirrup, pony hunters, English horse shows. Eye-catching bows, gold glitter, black chevron.


Flashy classy stunning and always draws favorable attention. Elegant, sophisticated, stylish. Gorgeous sheer with gold glitter on inside with liners. Glitter captures glints of the sun when rider moves in the show ring.


The chevron portion of this bow is also available in navy blue, gold, and white.


You will need to tell me if you want the navy chevron. Email me at Otherwise, the black will be sent.


Gorgeous shocking pink taffeta ribbon used on top bow and a stylish designer gold and black chevron ribbon used on the bottom. Both ribbons, stylish and sturdy.


Bows are sold in matching pairs. There are two bows in a set. You will need 1 set of bows for 2 braids.


Your choice: either elastic loops or French barrettes clip the bows to each braid.


These bows can also be made smaller as Shorty 4x4 bows -- approximately 4" wide with tails approximately 4" long. 


Name of bow: Elegant Everlasting Love Approximately 4 1/2" wide Tails approximately 5 1/2" long 

Equestrian Hair Bows - Elegant Everlasting Love

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