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Beautiful purple, blue, fuschia, and gold and and navy blue equestrian bows with a galaxy of gold stars and crescent moons that help your young rider stand out in her competitive class at her English horse shows.   Luxurious fuschia taffeta topped with fuschia glitter.  


"Love You" charm (please read inscription) can be sewn into one bow at a slightly increased price.  Not necessary but more special to carry that thought into the competitive show ring.


ONE PAIR IS READY2MAIL IN STANDARD SIZE WITH CLIPS AND GEM and will be mailed soon after your order is received.  No changes permitted on a R2M bow.  If you prefer bows with elastic loops or in the slightly smaller Shorty 4x4 size (approx 4" wide with 4" tails), or with a center knot instead of the gem, you may order these and leave instructions for your preferences but your bows will need to be made first so I will not be able to mail them as quickly as these Ready2Mail bows.  R2M bows are mailed sooner than the other bows. 


Ribbon in limited supply.  Suggestion: order now while it's available.


Bows sold in sets of two. You will need one set for two braids.


Your choice: elastic loops or pop clips; sparkle gem or gold center knot; standard size or slightly smaller Shorty 4x4.


Designed and created Elaine Moore.

Name of Bow - Beautiful Moon Glow  


Horse Show Bows - Beautiful Moon Glow

PriceFrom $41.00
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