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This bow is NOT juvie.  It always gets attention!!!!  One of the cutest bows I make that was orginally designed for a girl whose pony was named "Chippie" and whio is now one of the top riders in the country.  Later it was worn by another girl who is also a top rider!  These girls and their. moms know bows!  Oh, who I would love to make them for your daughter so she can follow in their hoofprints!Equestrian bows, girl riders, leadline, short stirrup, pony hunters, at English horse shows.   Bright blue, with chocolate chip cookies, and a blue sparkle gem.  A fun, attention-getting bow your young rider will love.A center knot can be used instead of the gem. if you prefer a center knot, you need to leave instructions with your order. If I do not receive instructions, bows as pictured will be sent. Bows sold in matching pairs.  There are two bows in a set.  You will need one set for two braids.  Your choice:  either French barrettes/clips or elastic loops to fasten the bows to your young rider's braids.  Name of Bow: Cookie Monster in BlueApproximate width: 4 3/4"Longest tail approximately 5 1/2"Is this your 1st time ordering Bowdangles Horse Show Bows? Please put your answer in the box below. Thank you.

Horse Show Bows - Cookie Monster in Blue

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