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Horse show bows for pony girls!  Handmade and durable bows for English Horse Shows,  leadline bows, short stirrup bows. 


Classic colors - Tan with maroon underneath to catch the judge's eye, Navy blue dots for lively attitude, and the cutest brown pony for extra fun.


She's going to love these bows!


Bows are sold in matching pairs. There are 2 bows in 1 set.  You will need 1 set for 2 braids.


Available in two sizes - standard with 5 1/4" tails or Shorty 4x4 - approx 4" wide with 4" tails.  Elastic loops or bows with pop clips.


Name of Bows:   CocoaBear

Horse Show Bows for Pony Girl - CocoaBear

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