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It's hard getting your daughter to lessons and shows, shopping and buying her clothes. With all that effort, she might as well stand out in her competitive class! Right? She will with these glittery bows in a brand new design, suitable for any color jacket and young equestrian competing in leadline, short stirrup, or pony hunters.Two layers of luxurious sheer sparkle glitter, plus a line of glitter on the bright royal blue ribbon.Beautiful, unique peach show bows with glitter on top -- plus not one but two metallic gold ribbons. Then, to top it off and just for fun, multi-colored ponies and an imitation sapphire sparkle gem. She'll feel like a princess -- a confident princess -- ready to show in these Bowdangles Show Bows!  These bows, making their debut in Upperville Leadline, are also suited for walk-trot classes. As short stirrup bows you might want them in the slightly longer standard size. They are also eye-catching. bows for competitive pony hunter classes. These durable bows will take your young equestrian all the way!!! Now just imagine how you'll feel when she enters the ring on her cute pony, her smile a mile wide. Two bows in matching pairs. There are two bows in a set. You will need 1 set of bows for 2 braids. Your choice: either elastic loops or French barrettes clip the bows to the girl's hair.Can be made in standard size or Shorty4x4s -- The picture is Shorty 4x4. Enjoy your shows! And this special time with your daughter or granddaughter!!! These are authentic Bowdangles Horse Show Bows designed and created by Elaine Moore. THESE BOWS are the slightly smaller Shorty 4x4 style -- approximately 4" wide with tails that are approximately 4" long. If you want these bows in the larger, regular size, please leave instructions. If I do not receive instructions, bows as pictured will be sent. Bows can also be made with a center knot instead of the sparkle gem. Approximately 4" wideTails approximately 4" longName of Bow:  Shorty 4x4 Exciting Times   Is this the first time you've purchased Bowdangles Horse Show Bows?

Horse Show Bows - Shorty 4x4 Exciting Times

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