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I made a tiny boo-boo on a set of bows. Very small. Your daughter will notice it and so will you but I judge won't and none of her friends will notice it either until she shows them. My mistake is your gain.  One set of these bows is on SALE.


Here's what happened. I put two layers of navy ribbon in one of the bows instead of one layer. To make both bows match, I cut the extra layer of navy short. You can see it in the photo.


THIS ONE SET OF SALE BOWS IS READY2MAIL WITH ELASTIC BANDS and will be mailed soon after your order is received. No changes permitted on a R2M OR SALE bow.


If you prefer bows with clips or ones that are not flawed, you will need to order from the other listing.


Price is for a set of two bows -- both with elastic loops. They are the bows in the picture.


Name of Bows - SALE Rainbow Stripes Times Two SALE 


$31.00 Regular Price
$16.00Sale Price
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