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Horse show bows, girl riders, leadline, short stirrup, pony hunters, English horse shows. Beautiful green glitter. Good luck bows with four leaf clover and luck horse shoes. These bows are appropriate year round. Stunning and fun with any color coat.The glitter in this ribbon does not shed.THESE BOWS ARE SHORTY 4x4's. They are approximately 4" wide with 4" tails.THIS BOW CAN ALSO BE MADE LARGER IN THE STANDARD SIZE. If you want them larger, you must tell me when you place your order. Otherwise, bows as pictured will be sent. The French barrettes used in this smaller size is smaller than the clips used in the regular size. You can also request a gold center knot instead of the gem. Again, you must send instructions along with your order.Bows sold in matching pairs. There are two bows in a set. You will need 1 set of bows for 2 braids.Your choice: either elastic loops or French barrettes attach the bows to the braids.Name of bow: SHORTY 4X4 - Quinn's Lucky DayApproximately 4" wideTails approximately 4" longIs this your 1st time ordering Bowdangles Horse Show Bows? Please put your answer in the box below. Thank you.

Small Horse Show Bows - Shorty 4x4 Quinn's Lucky Day

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